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Agency Search and Selection tips: healthy client/agency relationships

By Danielle Stagg on 4 February 2014

Obviously, marketing agency search and selection is what our team does, day in, day out.

But we also help foster relationships and subsequently are asked by agency and client alike, what the secret to healthy, happy and productive partnerships really is.

We were digging about the annuls of WARC recently and found a useful article about assessing client/marketing agency relationships. You can read it immediately, here.

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Marketing agency trends: The opportunity cost of not doing social

By Danielle Stagg on 28 January 2014

Alan Thorpe, of Digital Marketing Agency, Indicia, assesses the success of those who are and who are not taking a bite out of the social cherry. So, what's the cost of not being social?

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Marketing Agency Trends - 5 Digital Predictions for 2014

By Danielle Stagg on 23 January 2014

When Carolyn Seaman of Marketing Agency, Net Media Planet came to us with her predictions for digital in 2014, we realised she might be on to something.

So, below you'll find her definitive list for what to expect in digital marketing in the year ahead, and how to prepare your business

The world of digital marketing -and certain how we work as a digital marketing agency- is fast changing and 2013 was clearly an eventful year. I expect 2014 to be no less action-packed. Here are my top 5 predictions to help brands take full advantage of the year ahead.  

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Marketing Agency Trends for 2014: three ways to stay ahead

By Danielle Stagg on 7 January 2014

In an era of lightening-speed craze creation, marketing agency trends can appear -and disappear- overnight.

However, some can be clearly mapped out, which is why we asked Simone Moretta, co-founder of IMS, a boutique marketing agency and incentive and prize promotion specialist, to get her Mystic Meg on and look ahead to 2014

2013 was the year twerking made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, Andy Murray was finally accepted as British following his Wimbledon win and Jennifer Lawrence found a place in everyone's hearts by getting a bit tequila happy for her Silver Linings Playbook post-Oscar interview.

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SEO and social media tools from a digital marketing agency

By Danielle Stagg on 12 December 2013

Knowing where to look when it comes to SEO and Social Media advice can be a battle, but here, Richard O'flynn, Director of digital marketing agency, 201 Digital, offers his top professional tools and tricks to stay ahead...

Professional tools for SEO and social media Searching Google for ‘SEO tools’ offers almost 40 million hits, and looking for ‘social media tools’ gives you ‘approximately’ 677 million. If even Google can only be bothered to approximate, then that makes searching for the right SEO and social media tools for your business something of a tricky ask, right? Add to that the plethora of social networks that are around and it can be difficult to handle the social networks you choose that are best for your niche.

Fortunately, we’re here to help – here’s a list of some fantastic, essential tools that can really help boost the social media and SEO side of your business.

1. Staying contented

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A brief history of YouTube: AN INFOGRAPHIC

By Danielle Stagg on 8 November 2013

Friday is our favourite day of the week here at FindGood Towers. And not because our busy worker bees are itching to get their weekend on. It's unofficially infographic day.

This week, after we found out Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world (and after just 8 years no less), we thought we'd do some research (or pinch other people's) to reveal how the platform became the monster hit it is.

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Kickstarter Campaigns: A How-To (no marketing agency required)

By Danielle Stagg on 31 October 2013

Have you ever had a really great idea that you wanted to turn into reality?

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites give small businesses and individuals a chance to turn those ideas into reality, without a marketing agency, says Chris Madden, Co-founder of US-based Digital Marketing Agency, Matchnode.

Kickstarter is a great platform for those who want to test their product on the market, solicit feedback from target customers, and if successful, generate funding often in the form of pre-sales to invest in production. They're especially helpful for those who don't have a marketing agency onboard.

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5 things marketing agencies do to turn off potential clients [Part 1]

By Danielle Stagg on 28 October 2013

As agency search and selection folk, we see a lot of marketing agencies make it -and break it- and know what it takes to get hired.

While some will inevitably fall at the first hurdle, others damage their chances with avoidable mistakes during the initial stages or even during their pitches.

We on the FindGood Marketing Blog want you to succeed in all your pitches, naturally, so here is what you shouldn't do, or perhaps some of the reasons you're not winning the work you should be. As always, let our little birds know what you think via Twitter or chat to our blog badgers via the comment section below.

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Why your brand or marketing agency should be using Vine

By Danielle Stagg on 16 October 2013

In the world of the marketing agency, 2013 won't just be the year of the Snake. It'll be the year the number of mobile devices exceeds the human population.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Content Marketing Trends 2014

By Danielle Stagg on 4 October 2013

According to this wonderfully detailed infographic on marketing agency trends for 2014, as found on Brand Republic, 93% of of all B2B marketing agencies are using Content Marketing, with 30% of all budgets being allocated on the discipline.

Further, 70% of marketing agencies are producing more content than they did last year.

LinkedIn and Twitter were the most popular platforms for marketers to use, while the biggest challenged cited by marketers for not doing more was a lack of time. Perhaps this correlates to the 86% of marketing agencies who report having someone in-house to oversee content marketing strategy.

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