Content Creation

Content is a bit of an all encompassing word that we use it to describe anything that helps to educate, inform and maybe even entertain a sales prospect.

Now that most selling is done remotely, it is absolutely vital you have great looking content that communicates clearly and is aligned to your prospect’s wants, needs and covers all stages of your sales process. That could be about a topic that interests them or about a product or service you offer. It could be in the form of a video, webinar, whitepaper, blog or sales presentation.

Did I mention we can do all that for you?


Blogs should be the cornerstone in your b2b content marketing strategy. They help with SEO rankings, give you content to post on social media as well as giving you lots of reasons to communicate with your subscriber lists and customers. We can help you to develop an editorial plan that is aligned to your buyer personas and keywords. Our crack team of writers can even just do the whole thing on your behalf, so you can get on with something that’s more enjoyable.

Now that buyers have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, an infographic is a great way to fire a lot of information directly into your prospect or customer’s hippocampus. According to our good pals over at HubSpot an infographic is 3x more likely to be shared than other types of content. We heart making infographics.

If a picture paints a thousand words a video is worth 3 million. Or so say YouTube. Dubious statistics aside, video is an amazing way to explain complex products and services clearly and quickly in the increasingly short window you have available. Another fab use of video is social proof. When a prospect is in the business end of the sales cycle, hearing from successful and happy clients or customers can push them to pick up the phone to one of your consultants or sales reps.

A perennial favourite arrow in the quiver of b2b marketing and yet so easy to do badly. In a recent robust survey of whitepapers we conducted, the majority were actually product brochures by another name (yawn), some had nothing to do with what the company offered (pointless) and the remainder were 20,000 + (very long) words of pseudo science and excel graphs that would have baffled even Stephen Hawking.

Look, no one has time for bad or long whitepapers. We research, write and design killer whitepapers that answer the problems your prospects are experiencing, get read and fulfil their main purpose of driving data capture and engagement.

We are at our best when combining content with demand generation media , email automation and sales outreach , to generate leads and convert them to sales ready prospects.

You’ve been lucky enough to get found by a great prospect, they’ve engaged with your awesome content, spent some time on your site and now they are considering getting you in to pitch for the biggest deal of the year. First they just need to dot the i’s cross the t’s - view some case studies, get some product and more detailed company info. This is crunch time my friend. Are you going to send them a PowerPoint and some Word docs you’ve PDF’d? You are not are you?

We can make you sales material that when it comes to the crunch, won’t let you down.

Need someone to give you personality and curate and publish content on social media? Look no further. We can help you cover all the bases, from dressing, filling and managing your company LinkedIn page, Twitter accounts, Facebook and Instagram.

Webinars and thought leadership events are sure fire winners to capture leads and quickly build trust. We produce lots and lots and lots of webinars and events for our clients - advising on content, preparing decks, hosting them, sometimes chairing them and of course recruiting attendees through our amazing sales outreach team who can also follow them up.

content creation


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