Sales outreach

We use sales outreach as a term to cover all of our services that require one human to get hold of another by any means necessary (well almost anything, nothing dodgy OK). That could be a telesales campaign run by our specialist teams; a social selling program where we take over your LinkedIn account(s) to build connections, message prospects and drive opportunities; or one of our cold email outreach programs, where we turn cold data in leads and sales opportunities.

Most likely though, in today’s remote working, permanent voicemail, social media, email filtering world, it's a combination of all of the above you need - you see it's got hard to get hold of people now, you need to be more persistent and use more channels than ever before.

Our clients use us to boost existing sales teams capabilities and reach, so they can focus on their existing deals and pick up more opportunities further down the sales funnel. Or, simply because they don’t have a specialist sales team and want to grow quickly.


We have a team of highly trained b2b salespeople. They carry out a broad range of work helping our clients to fill and manage their sales pipelines including:

  • Pushing high value to content to re-engage with leads or gain opt-in for future comms
  • Recruiting for webinars and events and following them up to push for next action
  • Following up downloads of content quickly, to qualify and hand off where necessary
  • Appointment setting
  • Demo booking
  • Data build and opt-in
  • Total sales outsourcing

LinkedIn is the biggest b2b database in the world, and with the right approach it can be a goldmine of new opportunities. We can expertly manage your LinkedIn profile(s) for you. Making sure yours and your team's personal and company brand looks great, build your connections up, share and curate great content and build relationships that quickly leave the social network and get into the real world.

Personalised, relevant and timely 1-2-1 emails are still an amazing way to break the ice with a prospect and start a new relationship. We’ve 16 years experience in crafting emails that get through, and get a positive response, and using our expertise in technology we can do this at scale, automating triggers, replies and behavioural targeting to reach more people in a more personalised way.

Our emails create thousands and thousands of sales opportunities every year. Why not find out how we can help you.



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