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The best bits of our client agency relationship survey - Infographic

By Danielle Stagg on 5 March 2015

We've picked some of the best bits from our client agency relationship survey report and turned it into a lovely infographic. Enjoy!

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Low-cost TV advertising: Making the unreachable, reachable

By Danielle Stagg on 23 May 2014

Low-cost TV advertising is evening out the field says John Alligan of Media Buying Agency, The Media Shop.

There's a myth going round that TV ads are really expensive, but they don't have to be. In fact, many an advertising agency would be pleasantly surprised by what can be achieved on a smaller budget.

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What makes a good marketing agency? Top traits to watch for

By Danielle Stagg on 14 May 2014

Just about every day, someone asks us how we judge a marketing agency's relative quality and appropriateness to client briefs.

These are the qualities we look for when matching them to clients

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Marketing agency tips: 19 words to avoid in creds decks and proposals

By Danielle Stagg on 8 May 2014

Not everyone who works at a marketing agency is a copywriter.

Most of us might like to think of ourselves as a dab hand at the odd stanza or even a voracious reader with an OK vocabulary, but more often than not first drafts of creds decks and proposals are often cluttered with tired lines and clichés

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The quick guide to getting the most out of your marketing agency

By Danielle Stagg on 1 May 2014

Felicitas Betzl, Managing Director & Partner of SERPS Invaders Ltd., a full service digital marketing agency, shares her expertise from working both client and agency side for more than 16 years.

Here she offers her quick-fire tips for making the most out of your agency

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The secret to unstoppable PR agency search and selection

By Danielle Stagg on 30 April 2014

In many ways, agency search and selection, such as choosing a PR firm, is a lot like selecting a life partner.

The key, we show, lies in selecting a firm you have confidence in to operate with good judgement as your proxy

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How to surmount client/comms agency relationship woes

By Danielle Stagg on 23 April 2014

Six months have passed since you began working with your new communications firm. And while they started out strong, they seem to be falling down from time to time on simple things. You’re starting to second-guess your decision and question whether you’ve selected the ‘right’ marketing agency for you.

What should you do?

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Agency search and selection: Full disclosure 'a must' for briefs

By Danielle Stagg on 17 April 2014

The purpose of our marketing blog is to pull out the client/marketing agency trends that either help or hinder the agency search and selection process.

And when it comes to briefing, clients are often too blind to the impact excluding key details can have on those pitching for new biz

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How to encourage marketing agencies to play fair

By Danielle Stagg on 11 April 2014

How can clients encourage marketing agencies to play fair? One of our matchmakers looks at what it takes to keep the agency-client relationship balanced

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Marketing Agency Differentiation in the UK’s Cluttered Industry

By Danielle Stagg on 9 April 2014

According to some counts of late, there are over 16,000 communications and marketing agencies in the UK.

And as people who spend most of every business day speaking with, reading about and selecting agencies as part of the search and selection process, our worker bees are continually disappointed by how many marketing agencies neglect marketing themselves

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