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Radio ads and ROI: Key insights from a Media Buying Agency

By Danielle Stagg on 23 October 2013

Brands using radio for advertising get almost eight times the ROI, according to new research.

But what does that actually mean, asks Sue Fernando of Media Buying Agency, The Media Shop.

As a Media Buying Agency our eyes are always glued to our calendars. That places us in good stead to tell you this month commercial radio celebrates its 40th birthday. (Those in the know will recall Capital Radio’s launch in London in October 1973.)

According to the first-ever analysis of cross-agency data by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), radio advertisers on average get their money back 7.7 times over, with automotive and retailer brands showing an even higher performance.

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Word of Mouth Marketing: 7 common mistakes every company should avoid

By Danielle Stagg on 21 March 2013

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The Surprising Marketing Job Titles for the Future

By Danielle Stagg on 19 February 2013

What are the marketing job titles of the future? This recent piece in Forbes looks at just that.

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