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Video Marketing campaigns: brands that got it right

9 April 2013

Video Marketing definition: a promotional marketing strategy used by companies to promote their products and services by using short, enjoyable and educational videos.

Video marketing, be it viral or social is a great way bolster brand leverage, flex your online muscle and boost consumer engagement.

As consumer attention is increasingly drawn online, video marketing is becoming the norm for marketing departments looking to differentiate their brand from their competitors- with some thinking more outside the box than others.

Here, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite and most effective video marketing campaigns, including offerings from the likes of Coke, T-Mobile and Red Bull.

Video marketing campaign #1: KLM and Personal Space

Video is a great tool that allows brands to visually demonstrate a USP or concept whilst simultaneously promoting an ethos. KLM have identified their target audience and found an enjoyable way to communicate their message. It's also cringe-worthingly fun to watch.

Video marketing campaign #2: VW target San Paolo with SM

Here VW have proved that video marketing can be used for more than just comms but as a demonstration of social media strategy too. Often video is the glue that ties many channels together- this is a clear example of this 'coming together' of digital media.

Video marketing campaign #3: The Coca-Cola Happiness Truck

This is as much an example of experiential marketing as it is video marketing, but along with their Coke Friendship Machine, Coca-Cola are consistent in their use of video to propagate the 'brand experience'. Their video content is designed to evoke emotion, thus keeping consumers loyal via experiences that are memorable, encourage customer participation and offer personally relevant, credible and memorable encounters.

Video marketing campaign #4: Spanair & the Christmas Conveyer Belt

Another campaign designed to tug at the heart strings, this video marketing example shows how with a little innovation, brands can overcome the rigidity of their industry's image. While BA and AA opt for the concept of luxury or Easyjet for value, Spanair decided to travel the path less trodden: that of brand experience, with a 'behind the scenes' look at how they work to make their customers happy.

Video marketing campaign #5: Red Bull snowboarding

Any Red Bull campaign could make this list; their team has pioneered the use of video to create a brand identity (their Space Jump smashed viral records). Red Bull's content is always visually appealing, uniquely thrilling and has transcended the limits imposed by the product itself.

Video marketing campaign #6: T-Mobile Traffic Wardens

It's possible that when it comes to video marketing nobody does it better that T-Mobile. From their Liverpool Street Station Flashmob - 37m views and counting- to this, their lesser known but arguably better Traffic Warden campaign, the T-Mobile team have become experts in tying interesting, enjoyable and most importantly shareable ideas to their business model.

Danielle Stagg

Written by Danielle Stagg