Why growth-driven web design is essential for your B2B web design strategy

Growth-driven design is the transition from traditional b2b web design projects that have a finite beginning and end, to an innovative approach of continuous design.

Tech innovation is a struggle for both agencies and marketers. In such a fast-paced world, time is precious. A continuous delay in website delivery causes content marketing strategies and lead generation goals to halt.

Considering that your best salesperson is your website: Are you offering your visitors an easy-navigating, responsive and pleasurable browsing experience? Ultimately, an experience that will drive organic brand loyalty.

Growth-driven design (GDD) offers the unique benefit of being a metrics-driven approach to digital marketing and b2b web design. The benefits of GDD include:

Improved Buyer's Journey: Your web content and lead nurturing services are responsible for assisting buyers with the transition from awareness to decision making. Analyse your website to understand what attracts customers and what persuades them to take action.

Increased Conversion Opportunity: If your current marketing and website technologies do not support data-driven optimisation, your lead generation efforts are shooting at a missing target. The buyer's journey analysis is critical when increasing  conversion rates. By making constant changes, web optimisation will directly align with what your customers’ needs are - if done well.

Technology Hiccups: Websites are based on assumption when initially launched - an assumption of what you think holds a profitable platform, when actually all it does is looks good. As your brand develops, your strategy changes. Growth-driven design allows marketers to quickly (and effectively) implement changes to prevent prospect conversion barriers. The great thing about GDD is that changes can be made with immediate effect.

Dynamic Content: Dynamic content is often referred to as ‘customised’ or ‘smart’ content. GDD allows you to improve what you're offering, pushing leads and repeat visitors on an ongoing basis. By keeping in touch with what the customer buyer's journey entails, you'll soon develop a deeper understanding of your buyers, from an informational perspective.

Agility: When using GDD as an inbound approach, it’ll give your company the opportunity to reestablish priorities and structure your goals around your findings.

Re-evaluate both the way you approach your existing website and how you approach future redesigns before adopting GDD. However - it’s a proactive, cost-effective approach that will bring you massive success in flexibility and results achieved.

PS: There’s no end to your site’s evolution.

Find out more about GDD here: www.growthdrivendesign.com


Kristian Gough

Written by Kristian Gough