5 tips for maximising your revenue from ‘organic’ B2B new business activity

As we’ve said, most of the new business for your B2B work will come through the door from referrals and recommendations. But this doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait (sorry).

Outside of just being amazing at what you do creatively and strategically, making your client look good at every available opportunity, and giving great service (all a given) – you can help amplify the events that happen organically within your own network by employing a few simple tactics. Here are our five fail-safe tips, so get cracking…

Build your networks – build an up to date client email database, get your clients to follow you on Twitter by following them and including social information in your email sigs, get your team to link to clients and other senior team members within the company.

Sharing is caring – case study your big projects and blog about your ongoing work. Then when published share it across your company social accounts and your team's social accounts, especially LinkedIn. Wrap it up in an easily shareable monthly or bi-monthly email.

After completing step one, your contact books and social accounts are weighed down with contacts. Clients love to pigeonhole, by showing examples of what you do for others you just might break out.

Take me to your thought leader – what are your client's challenges? What trends are in your clients market? What new tools and techniques can they use to reach customers? Write, write, write and share, share, share. If you don’t fancy that: webinars and events.

Need some help with your thought leadership? Take a look at our whitepaper.

Always be selling (ABS) – client facing team members should be selling all the time. Put aside cheesy notions of what selling is. Solution selling is all about asking questions and solving problems. Make sure they are briefed on points 1 – 3 and sharing with their clients.

Don’t ask, don’t get – many people don’t feel comfortable simply asking “do you know anyone who might benefit from what we do”. But be assured, it works!

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Jonathan Burns

Written by Jonathan Burns